Self-Care Journal for Busy Moms

A journal designed just for busy moms looking for a more balanced and joyful life!

Dive into this journal to achieve a healthier, happier mind, body, and spirit!

You see, self-care is an extensive topic, and it can be anything. You have to determine what kind of self-care will be able to nourish your soul. Sometimes, it is hard even to figure out what really suits us and what doesn't. That is why I have come out with this 'Self-Care Journal for Busy Moms'!

With this 'Self-Care Journal for Busy Moms', you get:
1. Daily Affirmations
2. Vision Board Worksheet
3. Self-Care Strategies & Tracker
4. Self-Care Worksheet
5. My Not-To-Do List
6. Daily Life Journal
7. Self-Esteem Journal
8. Weekly Reflection

AND, You get 3x 1:1 coaching call that will guide you to using this journal and beyond, such as:

- reclaiming self-care and understanding consequences
- reclaiming beliefs and letting go of lies
- reclaiming your self-worth and letting go of guilt
- reclaiming time and letting go of perfectionism
- reclaiming your boundaries and letting go of being a victim
- reclaiming your wellbeing and letting go of stress
- how to make sustainable self-care plans (the 4Ds) 

Please note that we may not cover all of these as we want to make sure we are targeting what is most crucial to you. A questionnaire will be sent once you have book your first coaching call with me.

This journal can be reprinted and be used again and again every day, every month and every year for your whole life!

So, let's jump right into it here for a healthier and happier you, and towards building a happier family!!

The "Self-Care Journal" and the link to book the coaching call will be sent directly to your email.

Please contact me on Instagram or email me at [email protected] if you have questions.