Hair Colour Ideas

By Rachel Wong - March 13, 2021
Hair Colour Ideas

Current hair colour trends are defined within the move towards relaxed glamour. Healthy, shiny hair, with lots of movement, yet still well-groomed. 

Colour is defined - it's either pastel blondes, in clean, icy tones. Or cool browns, or brilliant reds. The move has definitely been away from red browns, although if that's a personal choice, or suits your skin tone best, don't be a slave to fashion!

Here are some ideas to incorporate the latest hair colour trends into your style:

For brunettes who like their chocolate browns, try a few golden highlights to break up the block of chocolate, unless your face and skin colour can handle the density of such a rich dark colour. It really helps define your hairstyle, and it is much easier to wear.

If you like very dark colours, try a brown-black instead of a straight black. Or get your hairdresser to mix in some blue-black into the brown-black to give it more intensity but without the harshness of a solid black that is not flattering to all skin tones. Also, try mixing in some caramel and pink-red foils with a violet brown, black base. If they're used creatively, and with restraint, you can keep the overall look very dark and mysterious, with a few hints of colour showing.


Try mixing golden blonde with a very light ash. Or for a more subtle but contrasting look, have the ends of a bob coloured a pale pastel coral.

If you want to try platinum shades, instead of going for a harsher white, try softer platinum white tinted slightly with pink.

For a pretty natural blonde look, try splicing a few clove and light ash foils through a pale, golden base shade.


Go for a rich, fiery copper with a darker brown underneath, like clove. This works well on long hair and mid-length hair.

For another red combination, try cayenne, nutmeg and paprika.

Vibrant Colors: 

For vibrant colours mixed with a darker base, away from the coppers, try a pink, red combination of cassis and raspberry coulis.

For something a little more outrageous and individual, go for a brightly coloured fringe, say in pink, and a few purple ends.

If you want something quite striking, but not so colourful, go for a lighter than usual highlight. As long as it's tastefully done, it'll look great. Don't try this at home!!!

When choosing colours, be aware of whether it's a warm shade or a cool shade. And keep in mind how much of each colour is going to be on your hair. Which shade, or tone, do you want the dominant one to be? Do you want a subtle effect or a more striking one? Unless the contrasting colour will be in small amounts, keep warm tones together, and cool tones together, irrespective of whether they are blond, brown, black or red. For example, chocolate brown highlights look good with warm vanilla, even though their colours are quite distinct. 

You can use different tones together. But it depends on your skin tone, how the colours are applied, and how much of each is used. If you're going for this approach, think of the contrasting tone as a painter would, and be judicious about its placing. 

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