Why Moms and Women Face Burntout More Often Than Men?

By Rachel Wong - November 23, 2022
Why Moms and Women Face Burntout More Often Than Men?

Have you ever wondered why moms and women tend to face burntout more often than men?

 Do you know that there is something that we thought we are doing right as Christian moms and women, but if we are not careful, it could be something dangerous?

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So many moms and women faces burntout. So many are feeling stressed, tired, overwhelmed and anxious. Some women and mom even experienced how these are keeping them at night and it is such a vicious cycle if you don't break this cycle.

Moms and women face a lot of burdens that is so unspoken sometimes although we knew. Work, home, social life, parenting, caregiving. Men are tied to many roles as well. But it hit women and moms harder. History definitely have affected this and while the world is trying to equalise their treatment for men and women, what is happening is women have adapted and accepted that this is their life and not actually stepping out of their comfort zone to claim it back for themselves. Even though it drains them, it dim their light, they loose their sparkles and dazzles along the way. 

And the thing with Christian moms and women is that, we know that God has our back and He created us. But, we are constantly still burying ourselves in the unworthiness and undeserving. We have forgotten that our powerful God is in us and He has made us to be able to depend on His greatness to change the way we live and to step out to live the desires He put in our hearts.

And, another very common thing that Christians moms and women do wrongly and dangerously is that whenever they face any problems in life we tend to just go through Spiritual bypass. We tend to use spiritual ideas and practices to avoid facing unresolved emotional issues, psychological wounds, and unfinished developmental tasks. 

For example, you were being compared as a mom. As a human, you will feel judged and compared, you probably has a tiny tingling down feeling which made you felt that you didnt do enough. But as a Christian, you have the spiritual foundation, and you quickly come to your senses, you dust that thought off your mind and said, who are they to judge you? Only God can judge. But what was not done is to look into how you felt and understand what it is teaching you. Note this, no one, nothing anyone can say can make us feel anything. But if we do feel something, instead of saying "It is OK. God will deal with it.", which is not totally wrong... but God also give you this life that you are to be good stewardship and be responsible for. So if you feel triggered, annoyed, irritated, frustrated, sad, disappointed, upset or even happy, excited, joyful, it is important that we don't just sweep it off but truly ask God to reveal to you what is there to learn. God has our back. But you need to be responsible too.

It is time for us moms and women to step up and trust in this power and wisdom that God give us. Trust in God. 

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